Carbon Offsetting

Towards sustainable luxury

We understand that mitigating the environmental impact of travel is an obligation on all the world’s citizens. When you charter our new Airbus ACJ320neo, you can take comfort in the fact that you are flying in one of the world’s most modern, fuel-efficient aircraft. Its next generation LEAP-1A engines from CFM International and advanced Airbus wing design deliver low emissions and best in class fuel efficiency.

Carbon Offsetting

Conscience cleared for take off

We take our environmental responsibility seriously. Acropolis Aviation’s ACJ320neo, G-KELT, in partnership with leading sustainability advisor South Pole, implements 100% carbon offsetting on all its flights. No surcharges, no opt-ins, just 100% carbon offset on all flight hours via independently audited and verified carbon offset & social improvement programmes in the developing world.

A partnership built on a green vision

Acropolis Aviation is proud to have partnered with South Pole, who provide intelligent and meaningful sustainable development projects that extend beyond the simple planting of trees. Our tailored support that the carbon offsetting scheme will provide will be split between:

70% Kariba Rainforest Project

20% Rwanda Cookstoves

10% Maasai Cookstoves

Carbon Offsetting

Sustainable offsetting solutions

Many of these African initiatives are focused on protection of native forest which forms a habitat for a multitude of species and takes hundreds of years to grow. There is also a focus on the independence and wellbeing of the indigenous communities that depend upon these resources.

Kariba Forest Protection, Zimbabwe

Saving forests, protecting wildlife and changing lives

Since its launch in 2011, the Kariba project has prevented more than 3.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from emission into the atmosphere each year by preventing deforestation and land degradation of nearly 785,000 hectares of forest. This is achieved primarily through promoting regional sustainable development, and the independence and wellbeing of local communities.

3.6 million t per annum CO2 saved

785k Hectares of forest protected

14 Clinics provided fresh water

Carbon Offsetting

Efficient Cookstoves, Rwanda

Improving household health conditions and tackling climate change

By distributing innovative cooking stove technology to communities in Rwanda, this project benefits the environment by significantly reducing fuel consumption. Health conditions inside homes are improved due to the presence of less indoor smoke, and families can spend less time collecting firewood fuel and more time with their families.

2.1 million Hours saved to spend on income generating activity

58k t of CO2 saved

70% less firewood

Cookstoves for Maasai Communities, Kenya

Protecting native forests and improving livelihoods

Living south of Kenya’s Lake Naivasha, this project improves livelihoods and reduces emissions, plus the risk of smoke-related health problems. It also alleviates pressure on the nearby Mau Forest, where many indigenous people collect their firewood.

28k people benefit

14.5k t of CO2 saved

66% less firewood

Carbon Offsetting

A shared concern for the planet

Acropolis Aviation is committed to the complete elimination of air travel emissions in the shortest feasible timeframe. This will, we believe, ultimately take the form of electric and other non-fossil fuel powered flight. Until the technology gets there, we will continue to provide our services in an environmentally responsible manner while providing you, our client, with the ultimate aircraft for luxury charter.